July 31st update

Permits have been approved and we have started the process of construction. I have been told that the process could take as little as 4 weeks, or as much a 10.There are many variables that cannot be controlled. Such as trades people, (electricians, plumbers etc...), and of course the unknowns you come across when construction of this magnitude are done.

A very special thanks goes out to Glenn Bullard,Shelly Rivkin, (Jewish Federation) and Councilor, Geoff Meggs. They were extremely helpful in getting my permits done in such a timely fashion!

While we wait for construction to finish, we would like to remind you of our daily delivery service. We even start our day picking up fresh bread from Garden City Bakery, and delivering fresh to your house later that day.(order at least one day ahead).

We receive every week, fresh meat, and fresh frozen poultry. We have in stock, BBQ ready marinated breasts, (Cajun Greek, or Teriyaki) BBQ ready beef Regular or lean), chicken patties, and of course our all beef Jumbos or Wieners.

Thanks again for all your support, and patience in this project, and we look forward to servicing the community in the near future !

Eppy Rappaport
Omnitsky Kosher (bc) Ltd.

Please feel free to contact us for more information.

604-521-1835 or 604-321-1818 or kosher@telus.net

A Unique Kosher Experience

Omnitsky's Kosher Delicatessen has a large selection of fresh meat, poultry, and delicatessen. As well, we have has a large selection of freshly made salads, soups, breads, pastries, and, side dishes. Omnitsky’s also carries a large selection of kosher cheeses, and packaged goods.

Omnitsky's Hours & Location

5866 Cambie Street, Vancouver, BC

Sunday: 10-5
Monday, Tuesday: 9-6
Wednesday, Thursday: 9-7
Friday: 8-3 (winter hours), 8-5 (summer hours)