The Basics of Kosher Cooking

Kosher cooking is found all over the world.

The common bond of all kosher food is its adherence to Jewish dietary laws known as the “Kashrut”, but besides this, there is a rich and exciting array of regional cuisines from all over the world that can all be called kosher.

The kosher cooking is renowned and historic throughout Europe and the Middle East, but is now just as well known as a New York specialty thanks to immigration from Europe in the 20th century.


There are many laws guiding and concerning how meat is prepared, consumed, as well as how it can be served.

Firstly, the eating of pork and shellfish are strictly prohibited. Other rules concern how the animal is slaughtered, and dictate that the animal should be bled as much as possible before being cooked. Meat should also never be served with dairy.

World Renowned Dishes

Though it would be impossible to attempt to list all of the many wonderful kosher dishes that we all know and love, we thought we would offer a few of our favourites.

Here at Omnitsky Kosher, Reuben is always a real crowd pleaser, with corned beef, steamed sauerkraut, 1000 island, and flat grilled.

Our deli menu includes other delicious sandwiches like roast veal, our roast beef au jus, and the famous Noah’s Ark – pastrami, chopped liver, and coleslaw.

We also have a lot of fans of our traditional chicken wings (hot, honey garlic, salt & pepper, and sweet chili) and our jumbo hot dogs, with our own Omnitsky sausages, free of MSG and with options of skinless, gluten-free, and lactose-free.

For All Tastes

One dish that seems to have become widely recognized more and more in recent years is the delicious chicken soup with matzo balls. People say a good matzo ball soup can cure anything.

Now, if you want to go big, our giant chicken schnitzel – with chicken dipped in the yolk of eggs and then into breadcrumbs for a crisp exterior – can be served either open-faced or in a sandwich.

How about you? Do you have any kosher food favourites to share?

Post your comment below and make sure to check out our full menu or even better, stop by our deli restaurant at 5775 Oak Street, Vancouver, BC to enjoy delicious kosher cooking.

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