Best Jewish Kosher in Town: Omnitsky’s Kosher Deli

For a taste of your favourite kosher, head to Omnitsky’s Kosher Deli at 5775 Oak Street in Vancouver where you can order food to die for or shop at the kosher grocery store. Our delicatessen has a large selection of fresh meat, poultry, and taste treats just like your bubbe (grandmother) used to make.

As well, there are grocery store items that range from beverages, snacks, dips and spreads, to mixes, spices, rice, barley, and pasta. There are also organic products, kosher cheeses, other kosher items, and more.

Order Some Super Tasty Kosher Food and Enjoy

Our comfortable restaurant is ready to welcome you for breakfast and lunch, and you can take home a ready-made dinner or buy all the products you need to make your own.

  1. Breakfast: Remember when a full breakfast started the day off right? Sit down to a breakfast sandwich and a side of breakfast potato, or salami, eggs and toast, or one of the other tasty breakfast specialties. You’ll feel good all day.
  1. Lunch: This is the place where you can wrap yourself around the perfect sandwich of plain or seeded rye bread piled high (1/3 pound!) with pastrami or corned beef while munching on a crispy, sour, kosher pickle. There are many choices of sandwiches assembled each day with fresh, locally made deli products.
  • In simpler olden times, soup was homemade from scratch and it still is at Omnitsky’s. Select from a wide choice of soups ranging from butternut squash to beef and barley, and lots in between.
  • Add a yummy side dish like meat knish (an Eastern European snack food), coleslaw and salads, and assorted kugels.
  1. Dinner: This is the ideal deli for picking up everything you need for dinner. You can choose from such items as fresh, prepared kosher poultry—chickens, turkeys, ducks, and Cornish game hens—or BBQ chickens, roast briskets, sweet and sour meatballs, and accompanied by fresh-made-daily salads, and tasty breads.
  1. Platters for Entertaining 15 to 20 Family and Friends: When celebrating a special event, trust Omnitsky’s to take the stress out of entertaining.

Pre-order platters loaded with veggies or fruits, or deli meats, or the luncheon and deli-delight platters of lox, herring, bread, egg and tuna salad, coleslaw, potato salad, and assorted breads. And there’s more! Just ask.

If you are longing for some of your favourite kosher foods, you’ll find Omnitsky’s Kosher Deli has everything you want and you can order your heart’s desire.

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